While most people know I returned to the corporate world last year, I began working from my home office even before the pandemic when I started my own consulting business. This is where I unexpectedly encountered the most demanding, inflexible, and hardest-to-please supervisors of my career — my children. And interestingly, I have become a better leader because of the perspective I gained as a parent working so close to my kids. Some of the key things I learned were about balance, empathy, and getting over The Guilt (yes, with a capital G).


I love what I do. I needed…

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You’ll hear a million professional tales of men and women working their way up the corporate ladder only to find true happiness striking it out on their own.

This is not that story.

Back in January, I wrote an article about my struggles with being out on my own. Now, this is the story of how I left the corporate world and started my own business, all to find my place back to being part of a company again — my next chapter. Going back to move forward may sound counterintuitive, but it pretty accurately describes the path I pursued in order to understand and appreciate the professional environment in which I thrive.

The circuitous route that brought me back to corporate life does not end with a binary conclusion that corporations are…

Marketing and business teams think twice about sending a direct mail piece to 1 million customers. Why? Because it will cost them anywhere from $400,000 to $600,000 in print and postage.

Sending that same communication via email will cost $2,000 — $5,000 at most. It’s interactive, allows A/B testing, and you can monitor open and click-through rates. No brainer, right? These bargain-basement prices are why everyone wants to use email…and does.

Email is now the water of communication resources. It is overused, wasted, and too cheap.

I remember taking a deep breath right before getting on a call with our…

Why Healthcare Companies Still Send So Much Mail

I cannot make it out of a meeting or newsfeed scan without a mention of AI, behavior change, robotics, wearables, or engagement. Despite all these communication-related technology advances, I am unable to rid my USPS mailbox of these dot matrix letters and statements. I should be thankful I am not the Maine woman who received over 500 pieces of mail from her health insurance company in five days.

It is 2019. Why do I need communications on paper?

Perhaps companies are nostalgic.

My money is on other reasons or barriers, otherwise known as excuses dressed in elaborate packaging.

After two…


I’m a recovering Healthcare Insurance executive on a mission to help companies make a move from print to purposeful, interactive communications.

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